We serve members with compassion and purpose

Our adult day care services evolve around a community program that extends beyond our doors, with volunteer opportunities and easy access to local attractions. Plus, our craft rooms, video games, and cozy living areas create a welcoming space for social interaction and relaxation.

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Member Engagement and Recreation

At 4U, we encourage members to experience simple exercise routines and use the opportunities available in the community such as the YMCA. Our team shows members how to exercise safely and correctly, and that it can be fun.

We understand that there are times when individuals have developed alternate methods of expressing themselves or outright negative behavior. We will work directly with the member's team to develop a positive support plan that will offer respect and dignity while demonstrating an alternate method of expression. It takes time, but we all work together to develop our program, ensuring every individual has the opportunity to grow and learn in alternate and supportive ways.

Community Interaction

4U offers its members the opportunity to choose their daily activities, a chance to be a part of their community and give them the opportunity to have new experiences and discover new talents and joys.

We utilize local resources such as the YMCA for physical activity and exercise, the library for exploring and as a resource, and various community and business locations to gain knowledge and connect with the community. Each member's individual needs are taken into account. Healthy activity and eating are encouraged and taught so all members can benefit.

Location and Facilities

Each location we have is open and without barriers to those with physical challenges. We make every attempt to offer an atmosphere that is comfortable and homey. The set-up is done with the idea of working on Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) as well as providing a level of comfort and a sense of belonging.

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Transportation and Accessibility

At 4U, we are committed to ensuring that our members have easy access to a world of opportunities and experiences. Our dedication to accessibility extends to transportation, as we make it a priority to provide convenient and safe travel options for our members.

Our trained staff take into account physical limitations, ensuring that transportation is not a barrier to participating in physical activities, accessing the library, and connecting with the community. Whether it's a trip to the YMCA for exercise, a visit to the library for exploration, or any other community-based experience, the local transportation providers we partner with ensure our members are transported safely.

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Everyday Skills

4U has a program that works with members on meal planning, shopping, and food preparation. The member works on a meal plan for a week, then creates a shopping list, shops for the needed items weekly, and is assisted with preparing the chosen meal during their time of attendance. All food is kept on the facility site, and staff assists members with preparation each day for the desired meal. Members are encouraged to make healthy choices when planning meals, snacks, and items to eat and drink, but not 'forbidden' from purchasing things if they choose to buy them. They are also able to bring a lunch from home.

4U takes pride in a program that models and encourages healthy choices in life. We encourage healthy snacks and meals of balance. Individual goal-oriented activities are done with health in mind without creating a 'who's better' atmosphere. Charting is done so each individual can see their particular achievements without an atmosphere of "competition" with others.